The experience of a large Firm with the proximity
and implication of a local law Firm


The professional career paths of the managing partners of ALTALEX, Eduardo Castaño and Carlos Gabarró, overlapped in 1996 in a renowned Barcelona-based firm of tax consultants although two years later their careers were to go their separate ways. In 1998, Carlos joined the largest law firm in the country, Garrigues & Andersen, where he remained until 2000, when he was reached to join Ernst & Young (EY). Eduardo continued in the tax and corporate law practice and took over the management of the firm in 2002.

Carlos Gabarró held leading positions with EY in the US and Spain. Meanwhile, Eduardo Castaño took the lead and growth of the Firm”

Eduardo Castaño focused his professional efforts on tax and corporate law consultancy for privately held corporate groups, high net worth individuals and investors in start-ups, business angels and venture capital managers, not only in the area of tax and legal advice but also demonstrating a special talent as an advisor in several different areas of his clients’ businesses. Eduardo’s clients consider him an indispensable travel companion throughout this professional journey.

Carlos Gabarró, for his part, advises high net worth families as well as private medium-sized corporates and major multinationals in reorganization procedures and transactions with an international content, holding leading possitions in EY’s offices in Barcelona and New York and consolidating contacts in many different countries around the world.

ALTALEX fills the gaps of the medium-sized and the largest Firms”

Both professionals became aware of the shortcomings in the legal and tax areas of Spanish firms. In the major firms, the pressure on partners to meet revenue goals on priority accounts and, to a certain extent, the involvement of less qualified professionals in projects, high staff turnover and relatively high fees in order to cover structural costs. In the medium sized and smaller firms, environments more suited to generalist practice and relatively little experience in the international practice and, on occasion, with excessive dependence for their income on fees charged for services with little added value (accountancy, tax returns, payroll services).


The opportunity presents itself given that many of their clients highly valued both professionals’ business acumen as well as a high level of expertise in the international legal and tax practice. In December 2012, they decide to join forces and associate, and the 15-strong professional team that now makes up ALTALEX ASESORES, S.L. is renowned for their professional excellence.

A global approach beyond tax and legal advisory”

ALTALEX focuses exclusively on areas of specialty in which we can genuinely deliver value-added differentiation: International, Private Wealth, Venture Capitals & Startups and Mergers & Acquisitions. All of this, without mentioning the obvious, and that is that our firm boasts a team of highly dedicated and thorough professionals, each of whom possess expertise in compliance procedures and processes for specific clients, including regular corporate reporting and secretarial services.


We work with ALTALEX to resolve certain issues which come up regarding international taxation, which from time to time, can be quite complex. Carlos Gabarró resolves these concerns in a clear and straightforward manner, always demonstrating the upmost dedication in looking after the interests of our Group.

Montserrat Tomás Gil

Directora Fiscal Corporativa

Carlos Gabarró assists us on projects where tax implications are crucial for our group. He stands out on cross-border reorganization and post-acquisition integrations, where he provides valuable alternatives and solutions. Carlos Gabarró provides our group valuable alternatives and solutions on tax matters.

Jaume Puntes

Dirección Fiscal

We have worked with Carlos Gabarró on several important projects. It is a pleasure to find a tax advisor in Spain with such an easy going personality and with his tremendous capabilities to serve multinational groups with their Spanish cross-border tax implications.

Cynthia Gingrich

Associate Vice President, Corporate Tax

The ALTALEX team has been providing us with tax and legal advice in Spain for years and we are delighted with them”

Vanessa Almeida

Vice President, Tax & Accounting

ALTALEX is a preferred tax service provider in Spain for our business. They handle several ongoing tax advisory requests as well as the filings for our Spanish subsidiary. We are delighted with their outstanding help. We are not only a client; we are family.

William E. Le Van

Vice President & General Tax Counsel

Our group has established a regional holding company structure with the assistance of the team at ALTALEX. The level of their Spanish and cross-border tax and corporate law advisory services resembles that of the largest tax and legal Firms.

William J. Kappaz

Chairman & CEO

We always rely on ALTALEX for advice on tax issues in Spain related to our corporate group as well as private wealth. Our Group seeks out the most prestigious firms for their expertise in international taxation in different countries, and without a doubt, Carlos Gabarró is the best professional we have ever dealt with.

Sven von der Heyden

Chief Executive Officer

Carlos Gabarró at ALTALEX has extensive tax experience on both the Spanish and US sides. For US citizens and businesses in Spain it is crucial to find someone who understands the details of cross-border tax matters, including the US-Spain tax treaty and not simply Spanish tax rules. And that excludes many tax professionals. Carlos Gabarró is a great resource in Spain and I recommend him to expatriates or HNWI relocating to the country.»

David Wetherall


ALTALEX is our external advisor for all corporate law and tax matters for which we require outside assistance. This has been the case for many years and the experience has been unbeatable. For their efficiency. For their response time. For the quality and personalized care and attention. I have recommended the firm on many occasions and I’ve never been disappointed. They meet the challenge.

Felix Buget

Presidente y Fundador

These professionals are a length ahead of the competition and we feel entirely comfortable working with them. They are especially talented in matters regarding tax planning of large private corporate groups and Eduardo Castaño always provides us with extremely valuable advice and consultancy in this area.

José Torres

Consejero Delegado

Of the many professional firms I’ve come into contact with, I must say that ALTALEX boasts a team of excellent professionals for entrepreneurs who are looking for the most exhaustive information possible in corporate, legal and tax issues both in Spain as well as in other countries. Moreover, Eduardo Castaño is especially gifted in dealing with corporate clients as well as Business Angels and major investors.

Javier Santiso

Profesor, ESADE Chairman