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trust officers and corporate service providers and executives from corporate groups

The family business plays a fundamental role in any country´s economic and social progress. Unfortunately, a significant part of family businesses disappear after the second or third generation. The growth and consolidation of the business is principally based on three major aspects: property, family and management.

ALTALEX supports the family and their corporate group from a legal, tax and consultancy point of view based on a comprehensive understanding of the aspects of their business and on a special awareness regarding the nuances involved in inter-family business dealings.

The ALTALEX team has been providing us with tax and legal advice in Spain for years and we are delighted with them”

Vanessa Almeida

Vice President, Tax & Accounting

  • We design and implement structures to reduce the tax burden for the family.
  • We advise and implement business reorganizations and the implementation of   holding company structures and foundations.
  • Tax planning for major wealth/estates and family offices, property and management.
  • Application of exemptions and rebates/allowances.
  • We provide support and advice in inheritance procedures and drafting of wills.
  • Preparation of bylaws and partners’ agreements.
  • Family protocols and family councils.

…For their efficiency. For their response time. For the quality and personalized care and attention. I have recommended the firm on many occasions and I’ve never been disappointed. They meet the challenge…”

Felix Buget

President & Founder



Family office and its corporate group present in spain and latinamerica

Legal and tax advisory to the family and to the different business divisions of its corporate group


Family-owned business group devoted to manufacturing and commercialization of chemical products for the textile, paper, tanning and construction industry present in several countries.

Reorganization on three different fronts: wealth, family and corporate structures.
Advice regarding ownership of property as well as the management body for the corporate restructuring through the creation of a holding company, separation of real estate assets, manufacturing and commercialization division (contract manufacturing), transfer of management to the second generation, introduction of a Family Council and Family Protocol, real estate investments and/or divestitures, tax and testamentary planning.


Spanish group and global leader in chemical products for footwear and leather goods finishing with significant international presence.

Advice on introduction to foreign markets and boosting productive capacity.
Accompanying the owners throughout the process of opening a new plant in China, corporate reorganization and centralization of activities into one holding company, tax planning and consultancy focused on family company and investments.


Well-known Spanish independent record label with head offices in Barcelona which, since 1983, has been editing and distributing dance and DJ music, transforming the label into and reference on the national level.