Investing in spanish real estate

As global stock markets remain erratic and interest rates stay low, the Spanish real estate market has become an increasingly attractive investment destination for those in search of bargains on good-quality real property stock. Major cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona, and some coastal areas are already experiencing increased demand and rising prices. The Spanish property market is experiencing a turnaround, and institutional and private investors are taking notice.

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Navigating Spain’s Special Inbound Expatriates Tax Regime

Spain consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life. For many, Spain is the Florida of Europe. However, high-networth individuals and expatriates should carefully consider the tax implications when relocating to the country and the advantages that the special tax regime for inbound expatriates may provide.

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Royal Decree – Law 3/2016 of 2 December 2016

Royal Decree-Law 3/2016, of 2 December 2016 (“RDL”) was published in the Spanish Official Gazette, approving, amongst others provisions, tax measures aimed at raising funds to address the country’s budget deficit. The government has introduced extraordinary corporate income tax (CIT) measures and increased certain excise taxes, essentially aimed at raising funds together with those actions taken to counteract tax fraud. It is expected to do so to the tune of some additional Euros 7,000 million this year alone. The tax measures introduced in the CIT pursue to broaden the CIT…

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Spain Tax for US investors

Tax considerations for the US investment into Spain

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Relocating to Spain

Tax considerations for foreign HNWI and inbound expatriates relocating to Spain

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Spain holding company regime

Participation exemption and ETVE holding regime improved as a result of major tax reform effective since January 2015.

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