Spanish Taxation of Trusts and Private Interest Foundations

This article will provide high-level answers to some of the most common questions posed by investors about Spanish tax implications of trusts and foundations.

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Spain’s Wealth Tax and 10 Legitimate Ways to Reduce It

Depending on a taxpayer’s circumstances, there are legitimate ways to avoid or limit the wealth tax. I focus on 10 of these opportunities. These or other solutions are rarely used in an isolated fashion; rather, they are usually used in combination. It is of the utmost importance for taxpayers to always consider any specific or general antiavoidance rules when crafting…

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Navigating Spain’s Special Inbound Expatriates Tax Regime

Spain consistently ranks as one of the best countries in the world in terms of quality of life. For many, Spain is the Florida of Europe. However, high-networth individuals and expatriates should carefully consider the tax implications when relocating to the country and the advantages that the special tax regime for inbound expatriates may provide.

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Spain Tax for US investors

Tax considerations for the US investment into Spain

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Relocating to Spain

Tax considerations for foreign HNWI and inbound expatriates relocating to Spain

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Spain holding company regime

Participation exemption and ETVE holding regime improved as a result of major tax reform effective since January 2015.

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